Beginner GIS

This 2 day beginner course covers the fundamentals of GIS using ArcGIS Pro. Starting with a general overview about the essential concepts. Throughout the course, key tools & best practices will be covered for various mapping processes. Gain experience in data preparation, layout development, map creation and high quality products delivery through hands on exercises.

Laptops are provided for student use while in class. In addition, books are provided for students to keep.

Registration Fee: $680
Software Navigation
  • Navigate ArcGIS Pro
  • Change map appearance
  • Add Labels
  • Data Sources
  • Learn about data types
  • Find data sources
  • Add various data sources to the map
  • Query Data
  • Create Data Queries
  • Display only specific data
  • Combine data sources
  • Edit Data
  • Create data files
  • Edit location data
  • Maintain large data sets
  • Design Layouts
  • Create map layouts
  • Data sharing best practices
  • Include additional information on maps
  • Perform Analysis
  • Analyze spatial data
  • Identify trends in your data
  • Create new data from existing data
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Identify coordinate systems for an area
  • Apply projections to a coordinate system
  • Change map coordinate systems
  • Sharing
  • Configure data sharing properties
  • Create interactive presentations
  • View maps in mobile applications
  • Beginner GIS
    Olympia, WA
    September 9 - 10
    7 Seats Available
    Beginner GIS
    Orlando, FL
    October 4 - 5
    12 Seats Available
    Beginner GIS
    Dallas, TX
    November 15 - 16
    12 Seats Available
    Beginner GIS
    Phoenix, AZ
    December 6 - 7
    12 Seats Available